Urban Kaksha: An Innovatory Treat to Redefine the Education System

Get the new experience of learning and teaching virtually with URBAN KAKSHA, a futuristic platform designed having a wide list of features and concepts. The concept of this app has attained great campaigning and marketing within the educational industry. The app is designed with the idea of education on smartphones for students, educators, and parents as today humans of every age group are indulged in modern technology or the smartphone world.

About the Platform

URBAN KAKSHA, one step ahead towards the modernization of education system specially designed using various features or ideas altogether to make the experience of the individuals utilizing the platform to learn or to teach to be virtual and enjoyable.

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Student & Parent App

URBAN KAKSHA, STUDENT AND PARENTS APP designed for students at home and this venture has accomplished a decent reaction from them as it has made the association of students & educators in their excursion ahead for achieving an incredible achievement in the vocation to stay courageous. Indeed, the parents of the students may select the app to get an unmistakable report concerning the participation, imprints, and achievements of their children.

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Educator App

URBANKAKSHA, an educator’s platform, offers a brilliant chance to the people willing to make their profession into instructive profile or educate as a subject matter to get enlisted as a teacher for offering the schooling into their favored subjects. The idea of the stage rotates around or depends on the reality to offer an encounter of instructing, essentially utilizing their devices.

Organization Panel

School administrators have a lot on their plate – but running an educational institution using the UrbanKaksha app is way more overwhelming. The app allows us to manage schools more effectively than ever before. In the app’s organization panel, it offers a superior features list, where the admin or the organization panel of the school, college, and university can operate or handle their academic activities.

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Urban Kaksha App, Students’ Torchbearer

UrbanKaksha, a platform for students designed by a team of developers, makes a sure commitment to impart virtual experience of learning by prompting the classes on their smart devices. The concept of UrbanKaksha is to bring education for students at home, that makes the connection of students & teachers in their journey ahead for attaining great success. The parents of the students enrolled in the app may get a clear report regarding their child's activities.

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Working of Urban Kaksha for Students

UrbanKaksha operates its functionality based on the concept of bringing education to students at their home, giving them an experience of learning virtually using their smart devices. The indulgence of students & their parents in using the smart devices is quite high so, app makes this indulgence smart.


The students may get registered with this app using their mobile number, giving a two-way authentication by entering the OTP receiving the corresponding mobile number.

Select institute

The students may choose the Institute for learning as per the criteria of their interest or preference. Even they may take advice from their parents to get them enrolled with a suitable institute.


Using the URBAN KAKSHA application, the students get a golden chance to explore the institutes offering great educational concepts in their teachings.

Multiplatform Availability

To get this amazingly designed educational platform, Download UrbanKaksha for both of the platforms.
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Our Features

The app of the UrbanKaksha is designed for students has attained great achievements due to the list of the entire features that have been listed below: 

Live Classes

The features of live classes have made it possible for the students to get a wonderful experience and get the teaching by virtually sitting in the class. Educators offer the class in the same pattern as they teach during the real class within the institutes.

Check Performane

The features are useful for students and parents to get the information regarding their child’s performance within the class through the section of marks attained, numbers of days of presence within the class, and so on. This feature resembles the PTM of the schools in actuality.

Videos Lectures

The lectures are stored in the form of videos in the gallery section, and if the student had missed some of the parts of the class, they may see this video and continue their experience of learning virtually.


Students may appear for the exam by sitting at their homes and get an opportunity to examine their capabilities in the course. Easy login are there for the students where students need to perform, join test & perform test with results view.


The chapters or lessons taught by the educators during the section are also available in notes or PDFs; the students may download the notes they require as study material.


Even the assignment section of the URBANKAKSHA has been an add-on benefit for the educators and students as students may submit and download their assignments given by the subject experts for practicing at home the teachings they had taught within the class.

Track Attendance

App provides the attendance tracking feature to the parents, so the parents can have full visibility of their child’s presence in the classroom. Easy login is available for the parents, where simple registration makes parents view their child’s attendance.

View Performane

The app provides Child’s Subject-wise detailed performance to their parents with a tap after get registered. Parents can view their child’s performance via mentioning their child’s details, where parents can have strong & weak areas analysis of their child.


Any notice related to the child’s academics, their curricular activities, notice for students by teachers, notice for teachers by the organization is mentioned in the Notice feature.

Fees Records

App provides Fees record feature where, Instant due fees reminders online fees payment via the app, notifies parents to not miss any payment due dates along with the details of submitted fees.

Test Results

App provides the access to parents to have a complete overview of the test results their child has attained. Detailed view, graphical presentations & analysis is there in the app to give parents a clear picture.


Parents can have complete access to all the announcements posted from Educational institutes & educators regarding exams, schedules, class, results, or other academics activities.

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Urban Kaksha App, Educators’ Smart Choice

URBAN KAKSHA, a platform that offers a golden opportunity to the individuals willing to make their career into educational profile or an educator for offering the education into their preferred subjects. The concept of the platform revolves around or is based upon the fact to offer an experience of teaching, virtually using their electronics. The app has been designed by a team of developers having great experience in their subject coding.

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Working of Urban Kaksha for Educators

The working of URBAN KAKSHA educator’s platform functions to bring home the students willing to learn the subjects from the educators and thus, giving an experience of teaching, virtually. URBAN KAKSHA functions to impart education or teaching using the smart devices. Unlock the smart features of the app.


The educators may get registered with the URBAN KAKSHA app using their mobile two-way authentication process using an OTP verification.

Create Test

The educators may assign tests to the students who are getting indulged in the teaching scenario with the teachers. This educative feature let educators visibility of Knowledge & grasping.

Schedule Classes

The educators may schedule their class as per their time or availability for the particular day or the upcoming date by using the inbuilt calendar of the URBAN KAKSHA app anytime, anywhere with easy login.

Mark Attendence

The educators may get to know regarding the presence of the students in the particular session, as app provide the educator's attendence database feature where attendence get marked automatically.

Multiplatform Availability

Get this amazingly designed educational platform on both your Android and iOS devices.
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Our Features

The UrbanKaksha app is brilliantly designed & developed for educators has attained great achievements due to the list of the entire scalable features that have been listed below:

Live Classes

The educators can offer their knowledge of subject matter through live classes. These live lectures are recorded and then added to the gallery so that the student may attain the knowledge from that video afterward.

Mark Attendance

The educators will be notified about the presence or absence of one in the class being live or video lectures. Once the student join the class, there will be an entry marked in the database of educator's field.

Videos Lectures

The educators can impart their knowledge in video lectures and submit them within the gallery so that the student may attain the knowledge from that video afterward.

Create Online Test

The educators may schedule or create an online test as per the subject matter of their preference to educate their students. And once the exam time gets completed or submits button is tapped by students, the exam will be submitted to the educator’s database.


The educators may create the notes either directly using the textual areas of the URBAN KAKSHA or submit them in PDFs to the Notes gallery of the app. This is done to help the students so that they may download the notes for study materials.


The way the educators have created their notes into the Notes gallery, in the same way, the educators may submit their assignments to be done by the students by adding a due date so that the educator may get the level & Knowledge of the students that how much they have learned till yet.

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Urban Kaksha, Organizations’ Digital Manager

Urban Kaksha - a brilliant platform designed for organizations to make their operating system digitally & smoothly managed. App provides an ease to the institutes, colleges, universities or schools in managing their entire operation digitally. This platform is indulged in virtual teaching or learning at home concept; thus, through the organizational panel Urban Kaksha keeps a track record of the teachers or students being enrolled to various institutes through this platform.

Our Working Scenarios

The smart yet simple process of operating Urban Kaksha for the organization makes the app most approached among the universities, colleges and schools. Smart registration & effective functionalities give the smoothness.


In this panel, a detailed record of the teachers and students who have successfully enrolled to their dream institution or are willing to go ahead are kept.

Add Teacher

In this panel, the detailed records of teachers’ enrolment to any institution through the application and their relevant teaching subjects and plans purchased are kept.

Add Students

In this panel, the detailed records of students’ enrolment to any institution through this application, along with their learning subjects and fees being paid, are kept.

Manage Records

In this panel, the organization manages the records of the teachers or students who are presently attaining the application's virtual teaching and learning experience.

Our Features

Urban Kaksha operates its functionality based on the concept of managing organizations’ operations digitally and keeps an eye over the entire process that comes along the way of managing students, fees records, admission details and other academics information, along with the complete detail of educators through their smartphones.

Admission Query

The educators’ and students’ query related to their enrollment or admission as student or teachers to any institute is submitted to this place and app solves them regularly.

Fee Management

The fee management is all about the fees being paid by the educators’ for their plan purchase and students’ willing subject.

Doubt Management

Doubt management is the management of doubts of students or educators that the organization's team has successfully solved through the Urban Kaksha application.

Student Management

Student management manages students’ track records like attendance, performance and their experience during their enrolment with the institution through Urban Kaksha.

Teacher Management

Teacher management manages the teachers’ record like classes imparted, subjects been taught, and their experience during the virtual teaching with the institutions through the Urban Kaksha app.


In the notification center of the application, the latest updates like new student admission, new query, new educators enrolment, and so on are notified.

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